Monday, 17 January 2011


How to post...

Sign in to the blog (top right corner) or bookmark the 'dashboard' page. On the dashboard you'll see a 'new post' button, just press this and away you go. If you want to include a picture, click the picture icon in the toolbar (next to the word Link), and if you want to include a link, press the link button (next to the picture icon). The text you would like to act as the link needs to be highlighted to do this.

If you want to edit an existing post, press the new post button, and there is an edit post option below the tabs. If you want to edit one of the pages there is a button for that here too.

To change whats in the sidebar, eg the 'scores on the doors', select the 'design' tab, and then select which ever gadget you want to edit. You can add as many gadgets as you like by choosing the 'add a gadget' button. If you do anything in the design page, remember to 'save changes' or it wont change on the blog. Also on the design page you can change the general appearance of the blog, re-organise the layout, change colours etc.

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