Thursday, 10 February 2011

Can you count...

A purely hypothetical question!

But lets say you're grafting away in your patch one day and you're lucky enough to see a white-tailed eagle fly by; could you count it?

After all they're all pretty much straight from cages having been flown over from some foreign land and deliberately released. A bit like a budgie really. Just because the person releasing it is wearing an RSPB badge doesn't make it any more wild than a muscovy duck.

So I say you can't count them, at least not until I get one flying past my house one day or I get a muscovy duck, both will do...


  1. Ah, da big question here Bushy is whether it was a young bird resplendent with remote control aerial, or a fine adult (or indeed young bird) that has just flapped across from Norway or Mull?

    I only ever glace at white-taileds to make sure i do not see any incriminating evidence.

  2. i guess we'll need to wait till old reg the luddite gets jiggy with the computer technology and manages to get a post on here! I wouldn't count a tagged, recently released bird (which is actually quite likely here, as the kerry birds wander loads, when they're not getting poisoned!), but in ecosse, if i saw an adult i'd have it, I'd say. In fact I tink I already did, on gruinard island, many moons ago.

    Muscovy duck tho, now yer talkin! Bring it on!