Friday, 11 February 2011

counting dodgy stuff

How dodgy would something have to be before you wouldn't count it? Lets try a multi-choice anser (ho ho!)

Unlikely as it may sound, imagine you noticed a fully winged unringed snow goose on your patch, sheltering under a gorse bush, trying to defend itself against irate golfers and their golf balls. Would you:

A) Grab the nearest mashie niblick and have a swing yourself?

B) Abandon all thoughts of birding and rush home to phone the RSPCA?

C) Attempt to catch the poor blighter, bring it home for questioning, leave it on the patio, and be amayzed when it proved its genuine rarity credentials by vaulting the 6 foot high fence?

That'll be option C then! Of course it is ok to tick this bird on your patch list!


  1. hmmmm...looks like the patch list records committee have been fooled by T2006's snow goose hand puppet. Retrial!

  2. shame i can't find de shot of da goose on de patio - maybe T2006 can supply when he gets back from de zuala

  3. Is this the same Seppy who counts 1 year old wing-tagged Red Kites on his patch list? Or was that Mugabe?

  4. I tink you'll find I saw 4 kites last winter - 2 of which were untagged, which obviously were the ones I counted. The other 2 were tagged, 1 from de North-east of scotland, funnily enough, so if you see any purple tagged birds round your way, remember you can't count them! De other was a red tagged bird, apparently from englandshire, and apparently 8 years old, but haven't counted that one either!

  5. Definite wild bird. Just look at the fear in its eye as it is restrained forcibly by the man machine strength of robot boy Mavor.

  6. Aye, but you forget that T2006 is an expert in handling wild birds....