Thursday, 17 February 2011

Just off the patch...

Following Royzah's photos of birds "just off the patch", I thought I would add a couple of my own of things I have seen "just off the patch". I look forward to seeing what T2006 has been seeing on his patch, now that it does not matter what size our patch is (see Seppy's 2.2 km patch for details)


  1. now wait just a minute! I never said it didn't matter what size yer patch was! I said it didn't matter that I couldn't get mine to add up to 2km, thats all. One rule for me, and 47 rules for everybody else - thats fair! Anyway, there's a couple of hundred square metres within me boundary that I never go to so thats ok really.

    Anyhoo, the bottom line is, feckin dogs don't count ok? they ain't birds!

  2. This could start an avelanche of "Just off patch items" son.