Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Three B's

Good patch year lists are built of the three B's; Bankers, Building Blocks and Bonus Birds (okay 5 B's then). Bankers are guaranteed each year. Building Blocks are maybe the most important - species that are not quite annual but a good selection in any one year can really boost the totals. Bonus Birds are the rest - everything from national rarity patch ticks to common species in the general area that only occasionally stray onto the patch.

Saturday saw one banker and two building blocks added to the Blackdog year list. The Banker, Meadow Pipits, have at long last started to arrive and take up territories. Of the two Building Block species, Shelduck (2 north) is virtually annual and Great Crested Grebe turns up maybe every other year. The grebe was present again today (Sunday) - maybe the same bird drifted down the coast and flaunted itself to Royzah too.


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