Thursday, 21 April 2011

you've got a fat neck, fat neck

Galley came good this morning with a fine wryneck and a corking male whinchat, on the same stretch of wall! Feck all else doing tho, but how bad?

Is anyone else actually doing anything on this blog? or this challenge?

art or arse - you decide!


  1. We cannae keep up wi' this kinda thing. Wryneck in spring is a real killer blow. I had another pair of whaup on Tuesday evening, and a few more 'ears aboot, but nowt compared to the goodies you've been pulling out.

  2. tell me about it! I was pretty amayzed meself! And it took me ages to work out what that funny dark thing with the white eyestripe, just along the wall from the wryneck was! Haven't seen a spring male whinchat in feck knows how long!! It'll never last, but it would be nice if it keeps goin for a couple more days yet!