Monday, 8 August 2011

Collieston race hots up

Additions in the last (many) weeks for me include Grasshopper Warbler and Knot...the best of an average bunch for me. Bushvelds list is beginning to look somehat different, including with a Quail that I never caught up with among other things.
Seawatching yesterday yielded quite a few Sooties and Manxies.
So far my best bird for the year remains Yellow pretty quiet so far this year.
keeps the total ticking over though so I make the average as 72.56%, a patch total of 115.


  1. Aye, your just building up for the biggie in a few weeks time. I'll stick ma neck oot and say it'll be a Petch on your patch this autumn. But which of youse will find it?

  2. Not sure about that, there's some biggies already been had which will be tough to beat. However will do my best...