Monday, 29 August 2011

Patch tick - and not a scoter

Yes the third patch tick of the year but the first one that was something other than a scoter. This time a Kingfisher, yesterday, fishing along the seaward end of the Blackdog Burn.

Actually quite a good day yesterday. Little in the way of hoped for offshore seabird passage but aside from the Kingfisher, the Black Scoter remains along with a couple of Surfies whilst a juvie Little Gull dropped in on the beach for a few minutes alongside a couple of Bar-wits. Both species are less-than-annual building blocks for the patch year-list but both already on it for 2011.

A visit a few days ago produced also the second Cuckoo of the autumn, a nice brown one this time.

So the patch list marches on to 186 and the year list to 109 species (88.14%) but sliding down the table compared to a couple of weeks back.


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