Monday, 19 September 2011

Okay but no rares

The weekend's easterlies brought in a fair number of migs to the patch. Best of the bunch were a reed warbler and two common crossbills which are good patch birds. Also picked up lesser redpoll, lesser whitethroat, grey and golden plover. There were lots of blackcaps, 6 garden warblers, 2 whitethroats, 3 willows, 2 chiffs and a tree pipit. If the weather hadn't been so foul,especially on Sunday morning, I'm sure I could have dug out something else so it was a wee bit frustrating. Still, closing on the shaking fella........... 95.5% and counting. No bankers left, all less than annual now.
Roy da boy

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  1. 6 garden warbler? for fux sake! tink hollis got a sackful of stuff on de weekend too but will have to wait till 2014 before he updates...