Friday, 21 October 2011

Want to see our Dick's?

Finally grabbed something out of all these sibes but a Dick's Pipit is small fry when there's been 2 Bluetails and a Daurian Shrike in the county. Twitched the latter as I've seen 'Isabelline Shrike' before in Kent but wasn't entirely sure if that would be quite the same thing when someone goes and splits them. SE Owl too but it's not great for October. Away at Chessington at the weekend too. In South-easterlies. Hmm, probably will do well to only miss a Crane.


  1. so who found yer dicks then? havin it as find of the year are ya?

  2. I nominate the post title as best so far this year - maybe there should be a trophy for that too.

  3. It was all self found this one. Single obs as it happens so lucky I gots a shot of it to dispel any doubters. Doesn't top RRS in this part of the world.
    Like the new trophy shout, could be a double-winning season?!