Saturday, 12 November 2011

Good month (for a change)

This is turning into a good month on the patch, after a long spell of dross. Last weekend I too saw a treecreeper (rarer than yellow-brows you know).

But today has been quite spectacular. There were a few common migrants in the village first thing and plenty of blackbirds. I saw 3 little auks flying south during my walkaround - not bad, but not unexpected.

But a flock of geese in one of the road-side stubble fields was unexpected, especially while looking into the sun, I realised that two of the pink-feet had white across their foreheads.

And finally, as I got into better light. I realised that one of the remaining pinkies had yellow legs and a stonking long beak. Hang on, there aren't any pinkies, all of the remainder are beans.

It took me a while to get my head around which race - tundras, but this is the largest flock of bean geese in a long time, and with the white-fronts and a little grebe that flew south during a later seawatch, they were full fat patch ticks. Also had four mergs on the seawatch.

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