Thursday, 17 November 2011

Soooo close

It's been a good little spell up here Dusky, Hume's and Pallas's over the weekend. Not on the patch unfortunately, but nice all the same and you do get fed up bashing your head off the wall after a while and are forced to get your jollies elsewhere. I have managed a couple of new species in the shape of waxwing (2) at the barracks and merlin on the King's Links which is always a good un on the Don. All of which leaves me tantalisingly close to the magic hundred on 99.76%.


  1. Keep yer eyes open there Roy as I dreamt last night that you found a steppe grey shrike in yer backyard and we all came round to drink tea and see it. Rather odd but perhaps worth buying another kettle so that you can make brews with one while playing funky tunes the other (avoids burnt lips). We'll bring a guitar.

  2. he's already got about 9 geetars! Bring a trumpet! He needs one of them! Good dream tho - was I there? Can I tick it?