Monday, 26 December 2011

little to see here

Ventured out after 3 days of man-flu today - was scoping the gulls at Red Strand (off-patch) from de comfort of de car when "feck, little gull!" Straight round to Dirk Bay (on patch) where it is possible to 'scope Red Strand and score! First time I've tried it with little gull, but it stuck out like a small, sore thumb! Think about me 4th or 5th record for Galley. Drags me over the 100% barrier, and into 3rd for now, till Royzah declares his redpoll situation!

Tried me luck at seawatching for a bit then and was rewarded with 3 "blue-ish" fulmars - I'd say they were D, rather than DD, but best was kept for last when a frame-filling great shearwater coasted past - picked it up by eye, and couldn't work out what it was till I got the bins on it - late for one hereabouts - no December records mentioned in CBR 1996 - 2006, but I've seen them in early November in recent years. Easily bird of the day though - belter!

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