Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2011 Post Mortem

The late surge of the 2011 Blackdog year list failed to happen so all hail the champ, Shaking Stevens. A quick look back shows three species recorded in each year 2008-2010 failing to appear in 2011, namely Moorhen, Greenshank and Mistle Thrush. Still, can't complain with the quality 2011 brought.

This afternoon saw me 'dogging in the PJs for an hour and a half for the first patch visit this year. It also sees me posting the lowest so far declared score - the only way is up. The 100% target is 126 species, up from 123.67 in 2011. Bring it on........


1 comment:

  1. A shocking performance by me in 2011 - as you say, the only way is up. Still, it was good for me averages.

    Hey Shakey can you send me an address for me to send the grand prize? You can email it to me if you prefer - andy @ andywebb.org.uk (minus the spaces of course).

    I vote for the Black Duck as best find