Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Buzzard from my desk

Was just sat at home thinking of new ideas for Just-a-Minute (doesn't come easily after all these years) when I thought I heard a delivery van roll up. Hoofed it to the window, as I am expecting a new monocle, and goodness gracious me there was a Common Buzzard drifting over with one Crow in tow. How splendid.

For those interested in patch stats, that was the 23rd Buzzard I have seen here, and easily the earliest - March 15th was my previous best. I do have a late November and an early December record, but by far the majority of records come from the period March-May, peaking with 9 out of my 23 occuring in April. I have no idea what this means - perhaps that I stare at the sky a lot in April.

67 species - 62.62%


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