Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Keep yer 'pecker up

Working from home on our new album yesterday bagged us a great spotted woodpecked on the feeders. Still no bramble finch though. Still, I'm sure we (likes yerselves) will be taking part in the big garden bird spotting competition later this month (, so may get one then (if we can be arsed to get out of bed).

34 or 45.33%

Procs with nocs


  1. Boghall climbing the rankings early doors, just like last year! Still, at least Nimmo's camera is back from the menders - hopefully he'll be too busy taking shots of white ducks and sofas to be bothered noticing any more large birds of prey flying over!!

  2. Photographing patch dross, animate or inanimate, has always been a particular pleasure of mine.