Sunday, 29 January 2012

mid-winter blues

After a couple of quiet weeks weeks with only short forays into the patch a couple of hours of effort this Sunday morning produced a handful of patch ticks. The best of which was a woodcock an annual bird but one I didn't get last year. Which, I guess doesn't make it annual! A quick look at the sea produced a few fillers including long-tailed duck and common scoter. A possible fly-by black-throated diver frustratingly didn't quite make it in to the 'definite' category and alas cannot be counted. Still no purps or rbm's to be found. Finally a scan through some fields produced a flock of five corn buntings a regular but increasingly scarce species around the patch and will one day become a rarity.

The yearly tally now stands at 70 species and 45.36% and for the first time ever past Seppy!

Happy Days


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