Sunday, 1 January 2012

Nip and tuck at the end

Happy New Year to you all!
Just an update on the close Collieston based totals, despite missing Bushvelds Mealy Redpoll in the large finch flock supported by a cast of ringers, including Bushveld, I managed to squeeze in two last gasp patch birds yesterday. One was at 11.45pm from a neighbours window: Short-eared Owl earlier and then Barn Owl. I have poor photos of the former and another eye witness for the latter to reassure any doubters.
Totals still lowest ever for the patch with no good rarities found on patch, so bodes well for 2012 maybe?
148 or 93.38%

I make a 2012 100% average of 154.33....

Hope you all have a great years birding.

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