Sunday, 8 January 2012

Strolling along

A four hour stroll in the Park produced a haul of 51 species, including three new for the year. First up was a Coal Tit in Reservoir Wood. Excellent start I thought to myself, and then discovered whilst trying to photograph it that dropping my camera yesterday on Southend Pier hadn't been the "close one" I had thought it to be. Piss.

Dumped the camera back home and carried on round, best of the rest were a pair of Kingfisher on the Roding, and a Grey Wagtail near the Old Sewage Works. New total 66 or 61.68%.


Does this count as one or two?


  1. that duck is soooo cool you really should get some bonus points for it, but as you are currently miles out in front anyway these have been recinded - happy days!

  2. Yep, a couple of hours roasting in at 180 in an oven should see that duck alright.

    Pass the plums sauce