Monday, 19 March 2012

A good brace

Two not exactly heart-stopping birds this week but useful to get under the belt (as both are not quite annual); a 1st-w Little Gull last Wednesday and a Bar-wit yesterday.

Fulmar and Lesser Black-back are signs of the times too.

Less good news is that it seems that I am about to loose a smallish patch of the patch with a super-big security fence going up around a part of Millden Links, at the northern end. I guess it's got something to do with the adjacent landfill site, or weapons testing, or just keeping birders out.

69 species (54.76%)


  1. Shame you are losing part of the patch, but I think under Seppy's rules if you supply a £100 'administration fee' you are allowed to add 2 times that area onto somewhere else on your patch and claim 1 bonus species for each part of the patch lost.

  2. Send on the hundred quid and i'll certainly think about looking into it! Used notes for preference!