Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bog trawl

It has been a while since I last wrote anything of note, and a quick check down the list of recent additions indicates that a fair bit has changed. In addition to a build up of stuff (tawny owl, greylags lost in fog, grey heron), the weekend proved fruitful after a couple of weeks in Kenya. Having seen scores just the week before in acacia trees, i notched up a sining willow warbler in a cold, bare ash tree. Given that we have just built a garden pond, i am looking forward to recording my first migrant hippo in it.
Otherwise, chiffchaffs and tree sparrows have also returned, with a tree sparrow prospecting in a tit nest box (despite our buying a dedicated tree sparrow des res for the ungrateful things). Nothing in the hand (or indeed pot), so perhaps i need to move to Cotehill.

All in all, 76%. I bet that will make Mr Stevens in Folkestone shake a bit.

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