Sunday, 6 May 2012

ducking responsibilities

Last week was all about the spring migs. Even up till Fri pm when I snuck out for a quick look at shite and scored spot fly, plus jammed sanderling on de way home. This weekend has all been about ducks on the lake! 4 tufties there yesterday was bettered by 5 tufties & 2 pochard today, only to be superceded by 4 tufties, 2 pochard and 1 scaup once i'd worked out what i should be stringing! Missed spot fly, scaup & pochard last year so thats a triple whammy breakback! Also just realised that I omitted pheasant up till now - score! All of which means that 109 (on which I am now on) is my highest ever total by this date, beating my record breaking 2010 score by 2 species & 3 days!! Impressed? I was!

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