Monday, 4 June 2012

Royal Duck Celebrates Jubilee at Blackdog

Visits have been periodic recently (been away again, mapping Mipits for some reason or other) but a few highlights to report since last update. Best was two Tree Pipits a few weeks back - a full fat patch tick and was,  indeed, one of the three most gaping gaps on my patch list.

More recently, the Ythan King Eider has pitched up. Despite three springs now on the Ythan, it had only been at Blackdog on one previous date, in 2010. Less anticipated were seven northbound pale-bellied Brents on Saturday. Also a Mute Swan, second of the year, pretending to belnd in among the Eiders.

Now on 98 species (=77.78%) which I was suprised to work out is two species ahead of this time last year. Well off the leadership pace though,


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