Monday, 16 July 2012

Daffy Duck turns the summer blues bright orange

Year ticks are few and far between of late with Gropper finally falling, along with Manxie and Great Crested Grebe. Other birders have gripped me off with Gadwall, Hobby and, patch mega gold, Coot!

I claim, though, Bird of the Year with the discovery at Blackdog of Daffy Duck. This bird has puzzled, repulsed and terrified observers, being likened to a cross between a Common Scoter and a Farmyard Goose. While much money now lies on a Common x Surfie hybrid, I think the images clearly show that, rather than living out an animated retirement from Looney Tunes, Daffy has pitched in and is trying to look inconspicuous among the local scoter flock.

Statto (106 species, 84.13%)


  1. is this the same black scoter that was there last year? could do without dodgy hybrids showing up - will make scanning the scoter even more tedious!

  2. Different bird (unless it has done a Benjamin Button) but same glorious flock of Scoter Soup. What hybrid wouldn't want to join this melting pot of scoter genes?