Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Catching Up

A poor year on the patch this is turning out to be though I've only myself to blame, lacking in application and far too many away days elsewhere. My numbers are updated and I've managed to add two more ticks to the tally in the last two days, A flyover Crossbill yesterday and today a male Bullfinch that I'm guessing classifies as 'gank'.
Obviously being a Yank I'm a little confused by this term gank one's urban dictionary suggests it means 'To steal or take something that does not belong to you' yet this Bullfinch was all mine, there was no one else to see it, hear it and punch the air in feigned delight at another patch year-tick. An alternative offer from a different website suggests the term can be used as a verb as in ' To kill, ambush, or defeat with little effort' Though my personal favourite comes from the Star Wars wiki, apparently Ganks, also known as Gank Killers, were a bloodthirsty, bipedal sentient species. Members of the species usually wore high-tech battle armor from head to foot, so to most non-Ganks, their physical appearance remained unknown. Under the armor, Ganks were hairy and powerful, with yellow, squarish faces and beady eyes. They sported cybernetic implants that allowed them to communicate with one another silently. Ganks were rarely seen alone, as they moved around in packs and worked together to accomplish their aims. They relished opportunities for violent mayhem and massacring others, a joy that only embellished their reputation as bloodthirsty killers.

So I think my Bullfinch lacking the yellow squarish face may technically not be gank. Any views?

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  1. Great to hear from you again Kev, and glad that your Hollywood A rating doesn't stop you from partaking in our little competition! Re Bullfinches being gank - not round here mate! Bullfinches would be rated as near-mega! Have almost seen more fea's-type petrels here than bullfinches! And they're not gank either!