Sunday, 28 October 2012

Westerlies strike back

With an Autumn full of  great weather systems, the last few of weeks have been frustrating in Collieston with everywhere else pulling in quality birds...obviously the Hawfinch was great entertainment having said that. Plenty of migs around at some stages, but nothing too exciting. Reed Warbler might of been infact the best bird otherwise.
Another YB Warbler and a possible Sibe Chiff or two were the best of the rest I could do on the patch.
Have been steadily adding to my total however, which now stands on 155 for the year.Have missed a fair bit of other good year birds such as Bullfinch and Treecreeper so far though.

Having said that Gt Northern Diver yesterday was appreciated after a blank year for me. Goldcrest, Common Stonechat, Brambling and Lesser Whitethroat also adding to some of the recent variety as shown below.

Patch average now at 97.97%.


  1. Reg, that's a proper blog post! What yer doing?!

    1. Not in the running for top spot, so thought I would make use of some of the pictures!

  2. nice to have some input from others for a change! Come in Cap'n Haddock - yer time is up!