Sunday, 18 November 2012

Whinchat's surprise appearance at Meikle Loch

Got a bit of a shock when I saw a "chat" peeping round some reeds on a fence line at Meikle today. Lapland bunting flying around and a good flock of Rock and Meadow Pipits added to the activity.
The chat proved hard to see being v. elusive and often disappearing into thick cover.
Eventually I satisfied myself I wasn't dealing with a Sibe Chat or the like, and in fact a very late record of Whinchat having seen tail/ rump/head pattern well, the latest ever for NES I believe. Intrestingly there are 3 other records from coastal Scotland later than this.

Do wonder where this bird orginates from, it did look quite frosty in appearance with quite a marked pale secondary panel,  pale underparts, with limited orange tones in the central breast.
Photos are poor as the light was hard to deal with with a lot of glare in least thats my excuse.
Few additions to the total recently with Waxwing last week as well as the Lapper today. Back later with updated figure.

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