Monday, 31 December 2012

105.61% and out of the medals????!

I have to say I'm bitter, very bitter indeed. I've matched my highest ever patch score, had five patch ticks, and come fourth! FFS! Next year I'm quitting work and living on Wanstead Flats. Pffffff.
Just kidding, I have to work, which is by far the biggest obstacle to patching - very sad, but a sign of the times - I suppose I should be grateful. Enjoyed it though lads, and Mrs Nimmo is pretty relieved that the space on the mantlepiece that I had been reserving will now not be seeing an ornamental duck sp. Roll on 2013, and I hope you all get completely sozzled tonight and don't wake up til gone 11. Me, I'll just be having a mineral water, and I'll be birding from midnight.....

1 comment:

  1. Have to agree you were a tad unlucky but having said that, I would have been absolutely gutted to smash my best ever score by 8 species and not win! And I very nearly didn't win! Only pipping FPS by 0.05% FFS! Quelle jam!