Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The times they are a changing...

Look at this lovely pool, prime patch habitat

It's had a few good patch birds on it including a fine selection of waders including wood and green sandpipers, black-tailed godwits, ruff and dunlin.  It's also where we caught the scaup this spring and is an all round good patch pool

Unfortunately not for much longer

A lovely trailer full of drainage pipes!


not so Happy Days



  1. Oh good they've arrived! Hope you don't mind but me & the rest of the lads chipped in to buy the farmer some drainage pipe for xmas - just to cut you & Reg down to size a bit!

    Money well spent I say!

  2. Yes, noted these yesterday as well. Nightmare. Generally though another pool always seems to pop up eventually, but this will be a hard one to lose. Best on the patch. They may have some trouble draining it effectively though as it spans a wide area. Here's hoping.
    The work seems to coincide with Charlie, the farmer, retiring and the estate getting to work on the area.

  3. Which pool is that? Is it part of the reserve, or more imortantly could it impact on the SPA?