Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dark Days Ahead

After catching up with all the Xmas match stats, I've thrown on my dressing gown and stumbled around the patch four times so far this year. All fairly mediocre until today when four Bullfinches lifted the spirits (just one previous patch record). Nice though this is, I fear that 2013 will be a struggle. Despite scoring <100% in 2012, the three year average had gone up by three whole species, thanks to a dismal year list in 2009 now falling off the end of the rolling three year period. So the new target, 129, is four more than the 2012 total and two more even than the 2011 silver medal position total.

There was just one more addition to 2012 that I have not declared previously - a mighty fine pair of Gadwall on the sea way back at the end of November (again just one previous record). This put the total onto 125 species (=99.21%) and so it stayed to the year end.

By way of post-mortem of 2012, there was just one clanging omission from the list that had appeared in each of the previous four years at least; Chiffchaff FFS. Just one patch tick, too; Tree Pipit. The magic 200 for the patch seems a long way off.....


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