Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Nosing ahead!

A dismal weekend patch wise and a slow start to the third week sees me surging into the lead. Well, OK, stumbling inadvertently to the front then....

Didn't think I'd get out on the patch at all today, but an opportune trip to the post office gave me the chance to take a detour around the far side of the patch to the lake on the way home. Nothing new... just a couple of cormorants and the ubiquitous teal. Out of luck I headed for home and nearly took out a female sprawk as it hurtled across the road after a song thrush. A dipper on the little stream added to the tally... both without having to get out of the car. Bonus!

That's 47 for the year... or more importantly 55.76%... nudging me in front for the first time. It's quite a nice place to be... guess I'd best savour it while it lasts, which inevitably won't be long.

Sprawk photo is from last year in the garden... but enough of a tenuous link with this post to use it I think.

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