Saturday, 19 January 2013

This little piggy

Scanning the scenery from the garden this morning bagged me a peregrine going hell for leather, seemingly in a hurry to be somewhere else. Also had lovely views of a soon-to-be mummy fox not far from home (must remember to lock up the chickens early from now on) as I tramped around the patch in search of the aforementioned "dead cert" reed bunting.

Fieldfare practically vermin proportions -- at least 8 million on patch at the moment, outnumbering the redwing about 10 to one. Literally couldn't lift the bins without clocking at least a dozen of the blighters. Bloody foreigners!

Reed bunting though was proving a tad more elusive.

A sudden squeeling from a nearby reed bed was good news though; either someone was surreptitiously slaughtering baby pigs, or I had water rail on patch... and several of them. Reed bunting duly gave itself up too, bringing up the magic half-century, and taking me to 60.61%.

Happy days! Almost made up for having to power wash the patio when I got home!

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