Monday, 11 February 2013


Car ticks are playing quite a prominent role on patch this year. Hightailing it off to Barleycove to catch up with the black ducks yesterday, I glanced up just before going off-patch to see a buzzard circling overhead.

A buzzard... on patch... from the car. Phenomenal!

Just to put that last statement into context, buzzards are still scarce enough down here in West Cork, although they have been spreading south in Ireland for some time, and have been slowly moving into the region from further north over recent years.

This is my first on patch in more than a decade here.

And then I hooked up with Seppy and we went off and ticked the black ducks... and while we did actually get out of the car for a closer look, the truth is we could have car-ticked these bad boys too.

More importantly the buzzard takes me back to the top of the table on 64.24%.

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