Thursday, 21 February 2013

You're collared

Not flycatcher, but dove. Which along with oystercatcher and redwing were added to da list over da weekend. Not bad as I spent a large part of the weekend either digging the garden or fitting a new tap. Rock and roll. Also had a great leucistic fieldfare in the big flock of c. 200 of the buggers. White head and breast,. It got us going, I can tell you. We've not been so excited since our beloved Hibs won something last centaury, but our super Swaros soon killed the dream. The boys got to hope though.

The celebrations were jaded by am SMS from the low lister Chris in Burnt Island that he had added tree sparrow to his patch list. Well done boyo - keep up the good work

 So with 67.57%, and  the half ton, we re-take the top spot, but for how long?

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