Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Not got much to report as I haven't been out at all.  Best bird recently being a mistle thrush which is a good bird for the patch and usually only get one or two per year but it would be annual except that I didn't get one last year.

Other than that all the usual stuff and still plenty of usual stuff to be got.

I must get out more and would do if wasn't for the local farmer who has drained all the best pools, cut down a load of sycamores and bushes and ploughed up a footpath which is use to run across the middle of the patch and took me to the excellent bushes along the whinnyfold road.  So i've been somewhat uninspired in getting out much.

Still the mistle thrush helps and so maybe I'll pick up the pace a bit.

74 species

(Almost) Happy days


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