Sunday, 13 October 2013

there's another one!

Had to commute to de patch from Btown today but it was worth it as I gleaned a fine ringtail hen harrier for me troubles - normally only 1 or 2 records per year, almost all in autumn so well-timed!

A quick peruse of whats left available, and it is technically possible to hit a new record of 150 (9 species required, but need nowt rarer than yellow-browed warbler to do this) - however, even if such a mammoth achievement was er achieved, this would only leave me on 104.90%, so lookin unlikely to be able to claim the top spot this year, especially if Reg continues his meteoric form. Oh yes, Mr Nimmo, don't be restin up there thinkin you're home & hosed - Reg has a good few he ain't declared since el shrike browno I think so he's the one to beat!

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