Friday, 1 November 2013

Gulls FTW

Who'd have thought it... on this inland patch gulls, of all things, are keeping me in the running for a podium spot, and sneaking me just ahead of Seppy again in the Irish mini-league.

First up, a stonking med gull fly-over from the garden while letting out the girls' guinea pigs (originally purchased to bait in buzzard and white tailed eagle... but no luck so far). First ever on patch... so a great one to score.

Then a female yellowhammer down the lane and a common gull on the ludicrously unproductive lake... pushing my running total to a non-too-shabby 100.61%... so back up into fourth place with a podium finish still a distant possibility.

Unlikely, it's true... but hey, aim high they say.

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