Tuesday, 31 December 2013

last day on patch

Had a crap seawatch off Galley late morning but failed to do better than a fairly blue fulmar.

Elsewhere, Royzah has declared on 96.5% - a reasonable effort considering he's dead.

Bushveld is threatening to update the blog but in case he doesn't, he's finished on 92.0% - disappointing after winning the snowy owl last year.

Reg is still winning. Both trophies. No-one has done that before. The Bollix.

Still a chance of a change on the 3rd podium position, with Kevin Costner done but as yet undeclared - we'll have to wait till after 5.30 pm apparently...

Meanwhile Derek Nimmo is out scouring Wanstead in the rain for a bullfinch, or a redpoll or an american robin. Or else he's gone to the pub. Sauce.

Tune in later to see how it all turned out!

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