Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Well done Reg...

Thankfully this is the last day of 2013… and what an utter shite year it has been.

It started badly with one of my main birding footpaths being ploughed meant my regular patch walk with the dog was ruined and means the only way to get around the main patch sites is rather unsatisfactory by car.  This dampened any enthusiasm for working the patch which following the spring petered out to a totally couldn't be arsed feeling.  Not helped by the 'ol bill pulling in the goodies week in week out topped by the brown shrike which was a fantastic find.

So the end of a disappointing year I managed a meagre 145 species and 93.19%.

And a big Congratulation to Reg   a superb year for him and a superb list of excellent finds.

Well done Reg….

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