Thursday, 2 January 2014

All wet... but all right too!

Out and about again today for a while on the bike -- no sign of dipper or kingfisher, but did rack up some more "inland gank" as Seppy likes to call it. I got caught in a deluge half way around patch -- luckily I'd had the foresight to put the waterproofs on, but still not much fun riding through the rain, peering through raindrops on the bins.

That's Irish birding in January for you!

When I finally arrived at the lake the juv mute swan and a little grebe I ended last year with were still there -- RESULT. End of day two and I'm on 47.43% -- with a fair few "sitters" still to come.

Going to run out of options soon though, so good to get a healthy early lead in.

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