Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy New Year

It is if you're Chinese…

Now that January is over and done with, we've got the pleasure of February to look forward to… Fan F*^king tastic..

Some ok birds this month seeing that I've hardly set foot in the patch.  The best of the bunch include the long staying ring-necked duck on Miekle.  But good patch birds which are annual but tricky include a Iceland gull, mistle thrush, snow bunting, hooded crow and a goosander.  All good stuff.

Plenty of gaps but hardly busting my (ever expanding) gut on the Patch so far this year.  The weather has been truly awful and looks likely to stay that way.  But a few hours out there should push the total up nicely.

However for now 57 so far, 37.75%.

puts me somewhere near mid-table which is where I usually am.

Happy Days


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