Thursday, 17 April 2014

A small bit of black and some white gold!

Well, unbelievably things are still turning up slowly but surely. A wander down to the marshy reedy bit (technical habitat term here in West Cork) on patch in search of sedge and grasshopper warblers the other evening proved fruitless (any day now though, I can feel it), but there was a male blackcap singing his little guts out from the top of a rangy willow tree... kerching!

Then this morning I was scanning from the front garden with the bins when I clocked a skein of about a dozen birds over the big hill that dominates the northern aspect of our view. Too far away to ID with bins... dived inside for the scope... but by the time I got back out they'd dipped below the ridgeline and disappeared... ARRRGGGGHHHH!

Undaunted I scanned west towards the dip where the lake is. We can't actually see the lake from the house, more's the pity, but I can see the airspace above and around the lake, which can be very handy. A lone white bird rose into view. Ninety-nine percent of the time a flash of white breaking the skyline around here is a gull. But this had a distinctly herony look about it.

Little egret... kerching! Only my third ever on patch and a tricky bird here.

All of which takes me to a respectable 80.64% for the year -- and it's still only April. Happy days!

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