Friday, 25 April 2014

"Marshy Reedy Bit" strikes again

I went back to the marshy reedy bit again earlier in the week looking for sedge and grasshopper warblers. No sign of the groppers, but there was a sedge warbler in singing away. Thank you very much.

As I was leaving I thought I heard a reed warbler singing. A bit of patience and it showed itself... brilliant! Full patch tick!

A visit back to the same spot yesterday morning yielded a particularly confiding grasshopper warbler. Then last night I popped outside at around quarter-to-one to brush my teeth... as you do... and bingo -- whimbrel calling overhead -- another patch tick.

Then this afternoon I had the first house martin of the year over the lake.

So, not a bad week, considering my patch is crap for migrants.

Brings the tally of 87.75%. 

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