Saturday, 4 October 2014

It's been a while...

I've been waiting a while to post an update on the blog in the vain hope that I'll have some interesting to say.  Unfortunately I don't.

Since the first mig of the autumn in the form of garden warbler on 12 August.  There's been precious little to report from Longhaven.   You would have thought that there's been enough birds in the region and there's definitely enough habitat to have kicked something up at Longhaven, but alas not.  To make matters worse The ol' bill Reg and Roy the boy scored an R-B Fly on the patch (poaching bastards) and there's been a yellow-browed.  Both of which I dipped.

The best of the picks so far this autumn have been:  Tree pipit, Bullfinch, L. whitey, whinchat, chiffchaff etc etc.  So all in all… all rather uninspiring.

Totals so far -  96,  73.85%

Happy days (sort of).  

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