Monday, 7 September 2015

News from Nobby, er I mean Royzah

For it is he, that tap-dancing fool!

Best fill ya in on what happened at Donmouth during the last spell of easterlies, before the next spell of easterlies kicks off!

Basically, the Boy Roy (for it was he) tap-danced his way throughout his sorry patch gleaning 2 (count 'em) wrynecks, 2 pied flys, 3 crossbills, redstart, garden warbler, and 12 (feck's sake, count 'em again!) whinchats! He then added some waders for good measure, notably  ruff, gimpshank, and whimbrel.

He had a barred warbler too, but luckily that was miles off patch - just as well.

Tune in next year I mean week to find out the latest scores on the Donmouth doors...

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