Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Derek's Wanstead Update

Despite trying my hardest to keep the old average down, I've unfortunately still been seeing some birds. Best effort a Yellow-browed Warbler, and although it's a bumper year for 'em, I'd urge all Snowy Owl judges to consider that my ties to the British Broadcasting Corporation mean that I live in London, well inland, that it's a description bird here and mega mega. Thanks for your attention. In other news I twitched a Med Gull, and a bit of vizmigging this morning netted Brambling, Woodlark, and 12 Lapwing (even though I only needed one). This takes me to 108 aka 97.30%, which punts me up the rankings substantially.


  1. I am gripped about the woodlark tho - its been ages! Wonder if that really was one at Girdleness that time...