Sunday, 20 December 2015

Declaring too early

Well I reckon I'm done in Wanstead. Tawny Owl last week in the night (thanks bladder!) and then finally Woodcock yesterday puts me on 103.60%, which makes my piss-poor efforts last year entirely worthwhile. There's literally nothing left, unless Common Tern comes back very early indeed. There has been a lot of maths conducted by our erstwhile President Seppy, which confirms that a bribe of only £20 million that two more species for Basil will be enough to see the Golden Mallard head to the Mall. So have I declared too early? Will Faulty redouble his efforts? Is Shakey holding back a few? We're getting to the crunch point!


  1. Shakey has feck all left. Its Reg "dark horse" Hollis that ya need to worry about! He ain't responding to my communicades though...

  2. Oh and the Golden Mallard already resides at the Mall so its a question of retainment. Basil will be out to the max for sure when he sobers up...

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