Friday, 1 January 2016

Best of the Irish... without leaving the garden

First things first... congrats to Derek... the venerable Golden Mallard is winging its way to you as I type... or at least it will be when I can be arsed getting it to Seppy, and when he puts through the "highly efficient" Oirish postal system.

Should be with you by June bud!

Anyway... despite scouring the patch relentlessly (AKA scanning the lake from the car window) in the twilight of 2015 I was unable to secure the poxy mute swan and well-passed-due kingfisher that would have circumvented the Golden Mallard's imminent migration to urban pastures. I suspect it will dislike the smog, miss the clean West Cork air, and yearn to return in short order.

And so thoughts turn to 2016.

How the feck is Derek on 54% already? (REF!) I don't know. I do know Seppy was out scouring Galley all day to finish on 31.69%. A quick half-assed sconce (Seppy's phraseology) from the garden this morning before heading up to Cork for "family" stuff puts me on 33.46%. So one day in, best of the Irish and third overall, without venturing out of the garden.

I'll take that for starters.

Happy New Year!


  1. You is welsh mate, & I is scottish, er I mean swissish. So how can you claim to be best of the irish?

    1. Oirish patches mate... oirish patches.

    2. And you're forgetting that I sold up a highly successful accommodation establishment on a much sought after stretch of the south coast of Engurland to emmigrate to West Cork -- so I'm, errr, Engurlish (damn, that hurt)!

  2. And you hardly ever venture out of your garden all year anyway! FFS!