Wednesday, 6 January 2016

'ere we go again

Congratulations to Derek, well won.

But who's getting the owl?  Best find?  Should be a free vote to decide, no need for fat brown envelopes these days.  Will it eventually be departing it's perch from the top of my piano and migrate south-west from Collieston? or will it just do it's biennial movement to just down the road?

When you rigging setting the vote Seppy?

Last year was pretty hopeless at Longhaven, not helped by a shortage of visits and a shortage of migrants.  I ended the year on a meagre 103 species, having rather carelessly scored pheasant on New Years Eve.

However, the good news is, now in its third year, the Longhaven Patch total is now more realistically set at 115 species for 2016.  A bit of a stretch to reach but worth a challenge.

And this year so far, a cool 20 species.  which is pretty good seeing that the howling easterlies have largely been too strong to even stand up in and the rain has just been lashing down.  There's absolutely no shelter at Longhaven, no driving around in a car or anything so easy as that, so there's no escaping the weather.

Best bird is, of course, Little Auk… a full fat patch tick and the only reason why I ventured out onto the patch at all.

Here's for some exciting and bird filled patches this year.

Happy Days


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  1. will set up the votes this weekend - in the meantime - what are yer nominations for the best bird you found on yer patches?