Friday, 25 March 2016

Snowy Owl to Visit Clonakilty??!!

At every available opportunity Seppy reminds me that I am not eligible to win the Golden Mallard this year. While I am reluctantly coming to terms with this reality I began to think to myself, whats in it for me in 2016? Then while browsing through old posts the Snowy Owl caught my eye. I want it!

Given the crap that has won it in recent years ( Western Bonneli's Warbler and Black Headed Bunting), I am very confident I can win it. Also I am awesome at cnavassing for votes and bribery.

The question I eligible for this prize in 2016?


  1. Only joking! It is possible for you to win Old Snowy, but you will need to do better than a lamey iceland gull!

  2. ... and did he mention you can't win the Golden Mallard this year? Also, to clarify, you can't win it ANY year if you're behind the leader... just sayin'! ;-)